• The moonlight shines high above the trees
    Feeling the gentle swaying breeze
    By myself, I’m sitting here
    The memories are so clear
    Of love I never could reveal
    And the love I could still feel

    Sadness cuts my heart so deep
    By myself in disbelief with misery and grief
    My eyes were filled with tears
    As our love disappears
    Took for granted that you’d be there
    And you’re tender loving care

    I was only 16
    What a life it could’ve been
    I thought I had found everlasting love and devotion
    But it has left me in different shades of emotions
    I’m crying aloud these tears
    For my screams, no one hears

    I drag the blade across my wrist
    For I know, nothing will be missed
    I stand silently watching as I see
    Blood running from the wounds
    My innocent wrist now scarred
    And I suddenly hit the floor hard

    The pain now easing softly
    With my razor blade still in hand
    I know I’ll be happy
    For my death went just as planned...
    two red roses sitting on my coffin, the wind blows, leaving only one
    the world I know disappears...like the setting sun.