• i hope my life on this rock
    I hope it just leaves
    Cuz I’ve been feeling so helpless
    And I don’t know what to do anymore
    So just give me a reason to breath
    Yea just give me a reason to breath
    So I can promise you I will be here tomorrow
    And lately I don’t know to believe
    And you know I don’t wanna say a word to you if I don’t know it’s true
    And I know you know as well as me that’s there’s enough words of misery
    Never enough of hope
    So this may just be another of helpless words
    Or maybe these could be words of hope
    If we could all get as one and chant as one
    For as one we will always see our reflection
    Frowning back at us
    Never asking to lend a hand
    But in person with each other we can
    We could see a brighter light
    And in that light we could lend a hand to help get up
    Or even request one if need be
    For only when we stand as one can we rejoice
    Only in solidarity