• You're Mistaken, I'm Insane

    So here I am once again, this room, these walls. I just want to escape somewhere, I need to get out of this place.You found me along the end of earth where time doesn't exist and asked to join me. I want to jump off together, to feel what it's like to lose everything just to appreciate what's right in front of me.

    But that's irrational I'm too insane to think. Because true power only exists in the mind and mines on overdrive. These thoughts make no sense, they come off in such a manner you'd said I'm ignorant. I disagree. There is no possible way you could know me, my life, my pain. You're the ignorant one.

    There is no shame in how I choose to live my dreams. I invite the insanity, I want the pain. I need something to make me feel alive. Because here I am I'm dead, caused by lose of blood from the lack of love I won't accept. Because what is the point I'd never know the truth when there's so many lies I'd have to dig through just to find a light that will illuminate the answer in this darkness overtaken.

    So that makes me the enemy? But you're the one who stepped into my asylum. I didn't send out an invitation, you knew this was no party. Pass me a drink, you're setting yourself up again. Filling me with this poison for the night I'll be unaware. A mistake I chose to make by accepting but I forgot how nice it was to be warm. But we warned, when the headache fades it's all the same, my mind is lost and I'm still insane.