• Up from the heavens,
    Thou fall like glitter,
    Sparkling in the tiny eyes of small children below.

    Yet on this tragic night,
    I shall ask thee a question.
    Why have thy beauty descended from thy heavenly home
    And come to rest on thy sinful ground?

    Maidens shriek with delightful surprise at thy return.
    Though men sigh in despair at the
    Knowledge of the new chore that has been set upon them.

    On this unbearable night thy fall,
    When two sunsets ago,
    Our Lord had fallen in battle.

    Should not it rain?
    As if the heavens were crying?
    Is it that thou art unfazed?
    Answer my desperate pleas, dear snow,
    Was he truly a hateful man?

    Please, little angels of snow,
    Promise this broken maiden one thing,
    That you will let my Lord live without
    The grief that was always on his shoulders.

    Let him live on as a joyful man
    For the rest of eternity,
    Up where the snow is made and the
    Ray of the sun shines from.

    And please, help me, as well,
    To not let me forget,
    The love we shared,
    My Lord and I.

    My Husband and I.