• Don’t think I’m insane
    When I’m going through this pain.
    I sit here, clutching my fist tightly,
    Hoping, that if I look strong, you’ll think I’m mighty.
    Don’t think me a drama queen, when you see my tears,
    For these are the times, where I think about my worst fears.
    Everything is welling up,
    And overflowing will be this cup.
    I’m tired of this.
    I’m tired of that.
    Don’t think I’m insane,
    While I’m going through this pain.
    You’re the one, who should be holding me tightly.
    I believe that you’re high and mighty.
    Even when I try to hide my tears,
    You’re the one, taking in all of my fears.
    The temperature in this place, is heating up,
    And soon, boiling over will be this cup.
    Just, please. Don’t think I’m insane.