• Sexuality

    When you think 'sexuality,' three words come to mind.
    But I'm not:
    Or bi.

    I'm asexual.

    Being asexual doesn't mean that:
    I hate people
    I don't have a gender
    Or there is something wrong with me.

    It just means I'm not sexual.

    Just because I don't want to have sex
    Doesn't mean that:
    I'm screwed up
    I had a bad experience
    I'm a scared little virgin
    I'm a prude
    Or I still haven't found 'The One.'

    It's because I'm asexual.

    You can't cure me because asexuality isn't a disease.
    It's a waste of money to send me to:
    A therapist
    A hypnotist
    A doctor
    Or neurologist.

    I'm not sick.

    I don't think that:
    Sex is gross
    No one should have sex
    Or people having sex don't have 'pure' love.

    Sex just isn't for me.

    I'm just like everyone else. I'm not cold and unfeeling.
    I can:
    Make friends
    Feel anger
    Become jealous
    And be happy.

    I'm asexual, but:
    I can still fall in love.