• The wind was slack, but it was still freezing.
    Clasping my coat above my nose kept me from sneezing.
    The seconds ticked by as cigarette butts slowly amassed.
    The ashes and smoke marked as time past.
    Finally, that clever devil showed his face.
    The fellow that I've been tracking for days.
    Millimeter by millimeter, inch by inch,
    My fingers were frostbitten, but i dared not flinch.
    I could see him, he could see me.
    But neither of us were going to flee.
    Quickly i ducked as i saw the silent flash,
    The bullet missed me with a terrible crash.
    In a split second, I aimed my scoped rifle.
    His shot had caused a slight trifle.
    He was taking cover, and i couldn't see him.
    But i smiled when i spotted a corner of his limb.
    Visualizing his head, i fine-trimmed the scope.
    I fired the .50, and watched the round slope
    down as it flew through the poor fellow's head,
    The walls of the room were splattered blood red.
    That's one more kill that i bid my farewell.
    That's one more soul that i sent straight to hell.
    "One shot. One kill." our motto is clear.
    To me, your death is my cherished career.