• So now...
    now you think I'm deserting you, that I've left you forever.
    But I've always been a lover before a fighter
    So why don't you seize the opportunity to run me over?
    Oh, d***. I've left my heart all open and exposed,
    Maybe it should be this way, or so I suppose
    That maybe this all happens for a reason
    Or is that a bunch of crap, spouted by someone who knows precious little of the world? He, that pompous fool, cannot even speak. In the most polite way possible,screw you,sir.
    Love, really? Is filled with very unnecessary complications,
    Needless,ceaseless machinations
    Which serve no particular purpose, no reason for their existence
    But I believe differently, or so I thought until
    The world spun completely off of it's axis, and blood began to spill
    My heart is racing, completely overcharged
    Against cold iron bars
    That were forced into place, still yet against my will,
    and I fought back ferociously, but was silenced until
    I am given the opportunity to prove myself,
    Which might not ever come,
    the darkest thoughts consume me, i'll stay forever young
    Holding back the far more acidic words, held in state under my tongue
    Burning and scorching,immolating and torching
    The deep chasms of my psyche have slowly begun to fill
    And fill they will, I'm sure
    Until my conscious mind itself
    Is locked into a mindless stupor
    And forever I will be
    Kept under suppression mentally
    Raging at things that will never be
    You were a blessing, that I see
    But now I'll never get to hold you,due to sheer,unadulterated stupidity
    But I love you nonetheless
    Will continue to under the stress, but
    I feel that I am causing us both
    Unnecessary pain
    So I shall remove myself
    The world will not see the likes of me again
    It's not like I'll be missed
    But by you and I know this
    Inside Me lurks You
    And inside You lurks I
    And it shall stay that way
    Until the days we die.