• Homunculus...

    Sinful creatures... that's what they are.

    Sadly what I almost was...

    But I will remain incomplete.

    I no longer have a body of my own to be complete.

    But that's fine.

    After all....... I hate the complete.

    But we are similar.

    Even in death... we bring terror.

    I will destroy all who held me dear.

    They deserve nothing less than death.

    All of them.

    *holds a knife to its throat*

    This one... is last.

    She needs to suffer just a bit longer...

    *sadistic grin*By seeing all those dear to her die by her hand.

    I hate this child.

    My first born.

    The daughter I never loved.

    The daughter I would not name.

    The only thing I want...

    Is to watch her fall to pieces and lose her mind.



    *laughter echoes*