• Hey all you unhappy people twisted faces and all
    ima tell you how to be happy
    so heres a free something for all of you
    who cant find a damn thing to smile for
    so just listen close to me little boys and girls
    so tired and bored at home

    because theyre trying to own you and me you see
    theres a brainwashing dream
    you cant find happy because your to busy seeing the depressing s**t
    all over your tv screens

    So wake up your here to follow me
    im going to teach you all how to break free
    from this twisted brainwashing dream
    turn off that old tv and turn your back on the screens
    grab a guitar and start a revolution your voice is the only weapon you need
    where just the common man can be something amazing indeed

    Because momma once told me just be patient good things are coming to you
    dont let there be any trouble or fuss let them know
    you dont mess with no crazy fools
    you wont be their tools
    no one can own your soul