• as i lay here dying alone i think of those who helped me go
    those who never gave in under pressure
    those to assure me that life was more than just simple gestures
    that the daily movement needed seen
    to take the moment and run with me
    dont look back i was told
    dont count years your never old
    always look up, up towrds the stars
    never forget who you are
    keep a smile forever on your face
    never give up no matter the case
    love and respect the ones around you
    the one you long for is out there looking for you too
    all these lessons that now you read
    have given me a happy life and peacefully now i can leave
    to no that i lived for the moment
    not giving up to hard goings
    ive lived my life to the fullest
    always smiling always moving
    so good bye world of tears
    wipe your eyes from misery
    because the world wont stop for you
    keep on moving youll get through