• The venom leaks
    There she was
    Searching for help
    Yet no answer
    From all directions
    All she hears is
    Weird unheard of noises
    From the crows to the vultures
    The angels awaiting to steal her soul
    The demons are there to protect it
    But there she was
    All alone
    The cobra leaks it's venom into her
    The poison creeps to her heart
    She doesn't panic
    No no, she doesn't
    She finds a road
    In the distance she see gold to her
    She walk dizzily
    From one end to the other
    Right when the line attracts her
    She stops, looks at the town
    She sees it deserted
    She can't take it no longer
    She wakes up next morning
    With a bed she is on
    And still see the bite
    Slowly healing
    A dream she is in...