• Small, soft and full
    They’re puckered into
    A tiny rose, lovely,
    Lively and red.
    As red as a
    Bleeding heart,
    As red as bloody
    Limbs torn apart
    And tears of blood
    Making rivers
    Where I walk.
    Soft as petals
    Curling at the edges
    Into a sweet smile
    That lights up your eyes.
    Rose lips look so soft,
    As soft as a cloud maybe
    With a sweeter taste
    Than cotton candy,
    But I shall never know
    Those lips are just for show
    And not for me to touch,
    Because if I touch
    Your thorns will cut me
    And I will bleed and stain a red as
    Your rose lips
    Because if I were
    To try to touch those
    Rose lips, quickly I would
    Change from friend
    To bane. I hope at least
    We can stay friends.