• I've nowhere to run, I’ve nowhere to hide
    My knights cannot protect me
    For my knights, they all have left me
    Alone to face the battle against the enemy.

    “Turn back,” they jeer, “you cannot win!”
    “Be off,” I say, “ I can still!”
    “Turn back,” they jeer, “there’s naught to gain!”
    But I’ve gone too far to walk away.

    For though it may be a checkmate situation
    Too much to lose, too little to gain
    But then, so what if it’s a checkmate situation
    I intend to fight on still until the end!

    (And maybe, just maybe, the battle may be won
    And I may stand alone, bloody but proud
    But even If I fall, my heart is at peace
    Knowing I did lose, but not to cowardice.)