• Late on the dishes, food still on the plate
    Mommy is mad-Daddy's home late.
    I'm in the corner, crying all alone
    Wishing myself, get me out of this home!
    I'm always getting beaten, never treated well
    I'm the one child's, whose life's a living hell.
    Thrashes on my back, bruises on my face
    All because, I didn't clean up this place.
    I don't have a bed, cement floor is all I got,
    Cold walls, no blankets,
    Not even a cozy cot.
    Laundry not completed, so no dinner for tonight
    My family all eating, plainly in sight.
    Ragged clothes, cold feet-I must add
    I know what your thinking, you must have been bad
    But thats not the case-Honest to god
    Im just a mis-fit, the odd pea in the pod.
    I was cute in the beginning, a mistake in the end.
    Not allowed to socialize, not allowed to have one friend.
    Daddy doesn't like me, he mean-Its true
    He yells mean things at me, for anything I do.
    He tells me he'll kill me, that I'm going to hell
    If anyone asks, he'll tell them i fell.
    Mommy doesn't talk much-Well nothing at all
    Im not allowed to do anything, I have to lay there when I fall.
    Looking all depressed, is what I do best
    But trying to survive, thats a big test!
    No child should live, they way I have to
    Every child should smile, with no reason to cry.
    Living in my world, is definitely not fun
    I guess I'm that *lucky* child, that very *special* one