• Here we go again,
    Should I not be used to this by now?
    My heart just cannot accept,
    That the promises were already shattered.
    And now the pieces are being swept away,
    So the real mess can now be seen.
    Rewind time in my mind.
    Try to see where I went wrong.
    Just sweep me away with the pieces,
    I am a mess too.
    Wide awake all through the night,
    The moon has became my source of light.
    My watery eyes burn,
    As if they were on fire.
    I was never worth it.
    Losing me would mean nothing to you.
    You would just find another girl,
    To promise the world.
    So why do I not just go?
    Slip out quietly through the window,
    Leave a note for you to find,
    Go out and start to live a lie.
    My heart has now died,
    And I need yours to live.
    I walk over the shattered pieces,
    Like it does not hurt at all.
    But I bite my lips for relief...
    And we all know it hurts.
    My arms wrap around myself,
    As a feeble attempt to hold my own pieces together.
    Yet most of my pieces are with you.
    You have every part of me that ever mattered.
    They are gone...
    I will never get them back.
    But I cannot say that I am surprised,
    I knew this was coming.
    How silly of me to try to have hope.
    Hope likes to bring up to the sky...
    Then drop me down back to the ground.
    And watch me die.
    This time, I think hope won.
    Hope is a murderer,
    And I was just a victim.