• Her eyes hold great beauty,
    Her smile smile gave great strength.
    Within them I found duty,
    I would fight to any length.

    Her eyes were like blue stars,
    Blue stars on the sea.
    She left me great scars,
    How, how could she have fogotten me?

    I see her when I dream,
    I see her when i wake.
    Sometimes i wish to screem,
    Could this all have been fake?

    I wish her to smile,
    I wish her to laugh.
    But 'round turned the dial,
    My heart was torn in half.

    I walk down the hall,
    I see her so glad.
    If i were to fall,
    Would it make her sad?

    Though pain I have felt,
    And more I will endure.
    With her smile I do melt,
    She is honest and pure.

    My angel she has been,
    And my angel she will be.
    For her I would sin,
    If only she could see.

    My life has no purpose,
    I've become sublime.
    My true feeling surface,
    So I made her this rhyme.

    It makes me sad,
    Seeing what I lost.
    Knowing what i had,
    Knowing what it cost.

    But I will endure
    As I always will,
    You are my cure
    The pain I can't kill.

    So I beg you please,
    My soul is but an ember.
    A great fire would seize,
    If you would but remember.

    I hope you see now,
    With this I do tangle.
    For you alone I bow,
    My God sent angel.

    Your Sublime Shadow