• when I was little I didnt understand
    why You sailed from this land
    when I was here for you to love
    when I was as innocent as a dove

    I know now I did nothing wrong
    even if You didnt stay that long
    I took care of Your son for You
    one less thing You had to do

    I will try and forgive
    to move on and live
    but a teen without a mom
    is like a broken cd-rom

    I have no one to fight with
    to complain to about a tiff
    I have no one to teach me
    about the woman i should be

    so go on with Your replacemet family
    just dont expect Me to be some one you see
    You cant have it both ways
    You cant have me to raise

    You have your new children and husband
    and I slipped thru your fingers like sand
    I'll take care of My little brother
    because niether of Us have a mother