• Wasted hope and wasted life
    Failed again my kids and wife
    "Not my fault" I may cry
    - the echoes know better, and so do I.
    Every time, I always hope
    until I'm given enough rope,
    and then I hang around and sigh
    - the rope knew better, and so did I.
    I've still not learned to hold back;
    my hopes still outrace the track.
    Those in the bleachers wonder why
    - they knew better and so should I.
    I waste my hope on things
    like jobs, books, and diamond rings.
    My hopes burst free, and off they fly
    - though they know better, and so should I.
    Blind and foolish, I'll stumble on
    until the world is burned and gone,
    but still be hoping for another try
    - the World knew better, why not I?