• Do you have memories you don’t want to forget?
    A feeling so pure and liberated from negativity
    That it could help you to keep
    Moving forwards?

    Can you see the blue sky I do?
    Or would it be too difficult to
    Step in my shoes, even
    For just a moment?

    It’s not that hard really
    I’ve just lied to myself long enough to believe it is
    And now?
    I just move backwards

    No. Not even that
    I just lay back on a steady stream of time
    Its serene current gently sending me
    Gently, gently

    If I were to close my eyes for a moment
    And open them once more
    Would I see that I was moving forward
    All along?

    If it were possible
    Would I be able to tell
    If time had stopped for me
    After all?

    It’s okay if I just have a dream, right?
    It’s okay as long as I slowly drift like this, isn’t it?
    Or is it because I’m a fool
    That I can’t see anything that isn’t in front of me?