• ]I was happy with just the fact you smiled
    A friend said it was love...
    I couldn't fathom that, again
    Even though, my heart said I should
    I know that weither or not I'm unable to
    try the best that I can
    Nitpick at everything little thing
    which seems to only harm my reactions
    I can't handle the day in & day out
    They had chances
    So, why can't I?
    I'm not even that...
    No, I'm not even sure what I am
    Bottled up emotions
    Expressing them in an unexplainable manor
    I moved...
    Not that it helped
    I keep wondering
    Why I have fallen
    Someone I will never have
    It's happened countless times
    And, I still get the feeling
    I'm still going to be alone
    Despite everything I want
    Despite everything I need
    My insides turn at the fact I can't
    comprehend so much
    Of everything I need to
    I feel...slow at times
    then, it's this nervous feeling
    of why I can't understand everything
    At the moment
    It's just a crying
    Not on the outside
    Never on the outside
    I've escaped what was left behind
    Only to
    come into
    never escaping, again