• Falling
    and falling more
    Until finally you
    fall in love.

    At first
    You are light-headed,
    Dancing for no reason,
    Floating high
    Above everyone else.

    But then
    your head clears up a bit,
    And you want to be loved
    So bad
    That your brain makes
    Excuses for you.

    You now see.
    The clouds are lifted.
    You understand that
    Your dreams
    Have just disappeared.
    But there is still

    And then
    Hope is gone.

    There is no more hope.

    Hope has deserted you.

    And your heart shatters
    Into a billion
    Little pieces.

    Your fairytale is over.
    Wake up.
    You know that
    You were foolish.

    You cry so hard,
    That your tears
    Wash away
    Wash away

    And you won't
    Stop crying
    Until there is
    Someone's shoulder
    to cry on.