• Eyes on fire, an object of desire,
    Kiss my neck and count to ten,
    There I go, making a mistake again.

    It was desire that threw me from the road,
    The look he gave me, a subtle hint,
    It wasn't magic but I was under his spell,
    Did I stumble? Did I slip? No I fell.

    "Lust is the lady of the devil." I say,
    "I would never succumb to her will,
    I love you under the eyes of venus,
    Though one eye looks the other way."

    And in the midnight hour I gave in,
    Lust overcame love, Mars help me,
    Give me a sword to trace the path,
    To fight away this guilty wrath.

    Forgive me for something kept in the dark,
    For now and forever I give you my heart.