• Upon a perch of bubbles
    was I firmly sitting,
    but the perch was not firm
    and thus it was splitting

    I'd created the illusion that I was sitting on clouds,
    but now this illusion- quite literally- came crashing down

    I should have known my imagination would lead to trouble,
    but I had lost myself in the colors of a soap bubble

    I can no longer talk,
    for those bubbles popped

    A scream of fear
    and down I fell,
    and what of my life?
    goodbye, oh well.

    But of two things I am certain,
    of two things I am sure;
    the flight was amazing,
    quite beautiful and pure.
    The only other thing
    that's running through my mind,
    is even if the king's horses and men,
    can all of me find,
    they can never quite ever,
    fix my cloud nine.