• Long into the night a boy cries
    Only to hear his own tears
    Wishing of far off lands with someone to hold tight
    Or just that he could mean something
    To someone or anyone
    Yet the next day he will pretend he’s ok
    He’ll joke in a giant circle of empty shells
    HE may just recall a younger day
    When solidarity was an unheard word
    Yet it was practiced by all silently
    And held in everyone’s hearts
    Or maybe dream of her holding him tight
    Or maybe of a far off land finial finding peace
    Filled with boys just like him
    Who are held by an uncaring force
    And he may sing for that day
    Yet when the night finial comes
    That his body is found
    A knife just out of his hand
    A pool of blood
    All flowing from his neck
    Everyone will ask what went wrong