• I’m not anymore, no not connected.
    Don’t you get want I want? What I protested?
    Your life is a failure. It needs to be corrected.
    You started it. You conflicted.
    I was held back, was restricted.
    I am willing, I am committed.

    With all the bad things you do,
    I could write a book about you.
    Mind over matter. Is this true?
    Black tears, my face has gone blue.
    It’s now red, blood rushes, it’s something new.
    Your next, get ready, line up at the queue.
    You’re almost dead, you’re almost due.
    So am I, I am too.
    Creep up behind you and say boo.
    Then you’ll be like, who the hell are you, who?
    Say it with me, say woo.

    Say this awesome, say this is fun.
    Go on, say it, say it hun.
    Now you’re last, you’re the last one.
    No more of your kind, just none.
    You ain’t funny, don’t pun.
    It’s in contact with you, it’s my gun.
    Have a heap of bullets, about a ton.
    Are you going to start? You even going to run?
    Why in shock? Why the stun?
    Yeah, somebody has won.
    And yes I’m done.