• I'm tired of the pain that you force me to feel
    We need a break, so i can heal
    It was all about you, at my expense
    I feel my world collapsing, you're aiding it
    Stress fractures here,a depression there
    This structural damage is so unfair
    My mind is racing through thoughts, morbid and twisted
    A suicidal spectacle for any one who'll miss me
    This isn't myself, I'm losing my grip
    I feel myself slowly starting to slip
    I'm done with your mind games, I'm done feeling dead
    I'm done with the thoughts of dimembering my head
    I've changed for you, but you refuse to see
    Like you're blind to the things that I'm trying to be
    I've given things up that'll I can never retrieve
    Your all I've got left, so toxic love it'll be
    I know its abusive, this is insane
    Its like leaving the gates open in time for the rain
    It puddles up, floods over, strips away, and drowns anything left
    But when it's all over, and the torrents subsided
    I'm left broken and quite undecided
    You ignore my damage, I'm left in denial
    You rebuild me again to repeat the cycle
    But I love you more than you'll ever know
    So I let the toxic bleed out for you to regrow
    Over and over The groud puddles up
    With putrid fluids dripping down, black and stained
    The Malice trickles down as I sever the veins
    Bleeding out madness, gushing out pain
    I bleed myself over until I feel sane
    I cry out for you to save me, save us
    Tears fall like rain as I beg you to change
    Before our life goes up into flames
    When I tell you its over, That I've found another
    You pull away in suprise and truely discover
    The love that you've hidden, kept away for so long
    Now that its free, it's overwhelmingly strong
    I've figured you out, taken your key
    The tides have turned, now you love me