• We've known each other, since sixth grade
    I was their the whole time, their in the shade
    as you lived your life, and met those guys
    with their fancy clothes, and wacked out ties

    I've known the whole time, we'd be perfect together
    We'd be happy all day, no matter what the weather
    but you've never thought, of loving me,
    come on girl, why can't you see?

    Some of those guys, don't treat you right
    if you loved me, I'd be your shining knight
    So come on girl why can't you see?
    why don't you think of loving me?

    I'm the good guy, I'm not like them
    that's why I'm writing, this poem
    I'd open doors, and buy you flowers
    because seeing your face, is like spring showers

    You know girl, I'm the right one,
    we could have, so much fun,
    with fancy dinners, roses, things
    and eventually diamond rings