• Nevermore against the holy war,
    only desire is
    to rule all
    Deranged was my soul,
    hearkened was my bliss,
    malicious was any form of regret.
    Alas, give me the power deciphered in
    the enigma you created for
    the holiest of beast.
    Damn me for he to see that all hope
    was never present... never... never...
    was existed hope... hope
    abandoned by fear that
    grew like the swine's we
    embellished in our thirst.
    But I awakened to see the true
    meaning behind like ornaments
    that hid reality from me.
    That child that haunted me
    that forsaken my eyes with
    the truth,
    conjured my existence and
    turned it into ashes
    ... it burned
    oh it burned my alter,
    collapsed into a
    whirlpool that naivety
    flushes away into the
    vermin that I was,
    and the perverse
    that was crying out to be.

    Child... child I beg you to cover
    my eyes... eyes.

    "Your pathetic,-giggles-, why
    should I cover -giggles-
    ... eyes."
    "Is this not what your soul
    hearkened for,
    yearn for the truth?"

    Aah aah aah aah aah.
    I foreseen reason,
    to justify my actions.
    But what about this, this,"my hands" or the "creators"!?
    Who are they? So obscure
    tangled in the web that I saved
    in my blood; don't leave me now!

    Bestow me the mobility of your
    fruitful knowledge!

    I cry for it.
    Give it to my soul!!!