• One shot was all it took

    To take you away from me.

    The lights had never been brighter.

    The swirling dark destroyed

    By a its violent beacon, so dominant,

    So controlling,

    No shadow could block its path

    And that was the only moment,

    As I saw your form fall so heavily

    To the lightning dusted floor,

    That my body chose to freeze.

    As light caught you up in its grasp.

    As the murderous red,

    So vacant,

    So dark despite the glow,

    Like a flashlight beneath

    A sea of fallen leaves,

    Flooded from the bullet shaft

    Deep within your neck.

    What can I say to stop this?

    What good will screams do when

    Now you’re so silent?

    So still.

    So very cruelly, mockingly, still.

    But as you go,

    So too do I.

    I’ll follow you anywhere,

    Even in death,

    Even to hell.

    That line I’ve repeated

    A thousand times

    Has never been so true.

    I just wish that you’d remember it this time.