• The sun,just peeking though the trees,
    Gliding,from one spot to another,
    Leaking its godly rays on the earth,
    Growing higher and higher into the sky,
    The wind,blowing ever so slightly though my hair,
    A gentle breeze that made the birds sing,
    You can feel it,
    The summer song in you,
    You gum along wit it as if it's your own song,
    One that you written when you were young,
    Then the rain comes along,
    Feeling so smooth as it rolls down your skin,
    The perfect droplets falling from the heavens above,
    Like angels encrypted into the drops of water,
    Purified water...
    When they land in the puddles,ringlets like halos,
    So Perfect and graceful,
    The hour the rain ends,
    Is when God is showing his grace,
    And love to us all.