• When I had to go & leave you behind
    I felt low, & wanted to cry crying
    I didn't sob, cry or weep sad
    I didn't even make a little peep neutral
    I just stood stood up and stared at the glare in your eyes
    Then told you "Goodbye" but you seemed surprised eek
    You seemed surprised, although I don't know why
    You started to tear, after I said goodbye cry
    You knew I was leaving, so why so surprised
    You thought I was lieing, so you wiped your eyes, then asked "Why the lies?" question
    I told you "No lies here!" then grabbed your hand
    You looked at me, then said "Your hands feel as smooth as sand."
    We both giggled, then looked at the sky rofl
    When the truck pulled in, as I kissed my last goodbye... to your cheek heart