• ice queen: here you are my dark angel in the dark and cold room come to me my love let me take you away come with me let me wake you up from this loneliness closer my love show me your lovly face who is hidden in shadow, embraceme with your wings to warm my cold heart

    dark angel: oh my beauty ice queen i wish i can touch you again my lovly queen, but i am nothing but a thief who is yearn to stole souls, i fear to lose you my queen, i dont want to hurt you, deep in my black heart i feel real pain, and there's no cure, my dear queen leave me in the shadows, its the only way i can let you live.
    ice queen: no i wont leave you here, all alone in this cruel world, i dont want to let them take you away from me, you belong with me, you are the one who heal my heart, you are the one who burn my pain into ashs, dont leave me here, by myself
    dark angel: my lovly queen come closer, and let me taste your cold lips, let your cold kiss freeze my pain, to forget my sorrow, who is in deep sleep, dont hide eyes my love, let me to see them, just one more time, come closer to touch your lovly pale face, just one more time, and i will be to lost in your beauty, cause your so beatiful, oh my dear even words can't describe how beautiful you are, you can freely shed your tears down on my face, to wash my fears away.
    ice queen: my love let me fall into your arms, and dont wake me, cause i want to be with you forever, touch me with your love, to feel again your love, for the last time, my love share this night with me, cause this is our last touch of our love