• I had my share of broken hearts
    Of love at first site
    Dreams showing me my handsome prince riding in the night
    The prince I seek is not real; folk tales and stupid dreams
    Because my prince only hurts me and tears me at the seams.
    He cheated on me countless times, and dumped me for his ex
    And though I cried for endless nights I still could not forget.
    As he realized what he did he ran back to me
    Apologized for what he did and filled me with false dreams.
    Tell me lies about how he saw himself always being with me
    Saying that I was special and how he loved me.
    As he spoke his words allured me back to thee and though
    I knew what not to say I gave myself to thee opened my heart
    Once again for him in hopes he wouldn’t continue to hurt me.
    And I as hope and pray he won’t shatter me once more I can’t
    Forget what he did for the pain was too much to endure.
    There’s no such thing as a fairy tale prince;
    Just folks tales and false dreams
    So go away you stupid prince your nothing but a fake
    I’m tired of being hurt by you and hearing what you say.
    I don’t care if you love me I don’t care if you’re hurt
    You should of thought about that when you left me in the dirt.