• I didn’t trust you
    But I began to open up
    I thought you meant well
    I let my guard down
    For that I hate myself
    Now I know it was part of your twisted plan
    Your lie, your deceit, your fakeness
    You weren’t trying to be a father
    You wanted me to fall into your trap
    To be your pawn
    On the phone and in letters
    You always say that you love me
    That I am your daughter
    But I know that if I died tomorrow
    You wouldn’t care in fact
    All you care about is material things
    I’m sorry I am a part of you
    If I could eliminate your DNA from me
    I would but I can’t
    I’m sorry I am such I burden
    I wish you could wake up and be a dad
    But you are not capable
    You’re stuck in your petty, childish ways
    I’m sorry I ever tried to enter your life
    To mend the deserted road
    I should have left it alone
    If I had I wouldn’t be carrying the stress
    You cause me
    I should have listened to those around me
    And for that I’m sorry