• The hurt keeps on hurting long even when you listen to a song.
    A friend real close is what I need A friend that listens to my pleas and says bless you when I sneeze and friend that would never let me freeze. Someone brave, someone strong, someone with the will to hold on. The will to fight and will to stand against my enemies with an iron hand.
    My friend must have many flaws but beautiful enough for applause. She must be able to hold together a tight cable. She must be able to yell in peoples faces when ever they hit me with there maces. She must be able to love me forever even when we grow old and weathered. Now the time has come for me to see if I can be everything that she can be i just hope that we'll stay together but I'll always know that I'll love her forever and ever.

    This is dedicated to everyone who's been bullied or even was a bully hope this teaches you a lesson look on some other time for more rants By the acorn23 comment this and tell me if you were a bully or you were bullied.