• The leaves fell to the ground
    My heart ached with longing
    All of the bright hues surrounding her
    Were fading into gray
    The hues fade into gray
    My evanescent thoughts turned to
    Children throwing the leaves into the air
    Decorating the sky with their colorful pigmentation
    The children's faces dropped when hearing their mother's call
    For they want to play in the colors
    Their faces blurred into gray
    The rose in their blushing cheeks faded into gray
    Go away gray

    The exuberant colors of orange, red, and yellow
    Cling to the tree for dear life
    Until a gust of wind blows them to the ground
    I see a person underneath the trees
    A little boy turned old
    My heart race increased rapidly
    His dark curls fell gently against his sweet face
    His innocent brown eyes beckon me
    The falling leaves kiss his cheeks as I once did
    He was standing in front of me
    Sending me one of his warmest smiles
    I take his hand
    He fades to gray
    Go away gray

    I look back to the pleading children
    Their mother relents and lets them play for a little longer
    Exultation spreads across their faces
    I saw the young girl blush slightly
    As the boy with the gentle curls
    Took her hand
    She kissed his cheek
    Then, they played together in the leaves
    They didn't realize they would be seperated
    Their faces were flooded with joy
    As they ran into the color
    Then, they faded into gray

    Come back gray