• I'm sending you my cheers,
    i hope your okay and happy,
    i hold on to what i have left,
    just to only glipse at what i had,
    what i've lost and wasted,
    my senses are going crazy and i'm getting ever more lazy,
    the more and more i push foward,
    i seem to be heading backward,
    a step behide everyone and everything,
    i haven't got i guess what i'm doing my mind was frozen in time,
    where happiness exists and confidence was around,
    now i'm only occupied by doubts and fears,
    chained down by my very dreams of someone,
    a very special someone,
    which was likewise sometime ago,
    the ruins in my head still stand,
    but to them i'm just a single sand,
    in a desert,
    a cruel fate that stands inbetween my perfect make beleif reality,
    and the bittersweet truth.