• It is all moving, 
    Faster and faster,
    Time is speeding on the highway of eternity,
    So fast that it won't be stopped,
    Time is our driver, at the head of the bus,
    We are all being terrorized,
    Terrorized by time,
    Will we survive?
    Will we every open our eyes from this eternal nightmare?
    Will we see what's passed this ride?
    Whatever happens I want to be free,
    I want the hope in me to break out,
    From this terrozing act,
    Comitted by time,
    How will this act leave our mind?
    I all I want is to try and break free,
    To see the light on the otherside,
    To get to the freedom I so despretly need!
    Focus on the hope inside,
    And maybe, just maybe, I will survive!