• Pain echoes,
    But no one's there,
    I cry out,
    But no one answers.

    Is someone there?
    I call,
    But no one replies,
    I am afraid.

    There is movement,
    I someone there?
    I call,
    But nothing is.

    More movement,
    I question in silence now,
    More echoes fear flashes,
    But nothing more.

    I look around in fear,
    A mental blow,
    I scream,
    But no one hears my calls.

    There are more blows,
    And more of my screams,
    And more movement,
    But nothing more.

    I see a shine,
    I stumble forward,
    But it moves away,
    I run after.

    Finally it freezes,
    And i walk towards it in a pant,
    I see someone,
    But nothing more.

    I question again,
    I fear again,
    I feel pain again,
    But nothing more.

    I finally reach it,
    And see who or what,
    I look closer,
    But it's me!

    There is nothing,
    Nothing else,
    I am alone in the darkness.