• i am not someone that i like, i
    cannot be, now that i know
    clear in my head, that
    my life has been filled with lies, it's my
    own fault, i fell for the
    clouded skies and the pouring rain, my
    eyes deceive me

    i am not a strong man
    cannot be, now that i have shown my true weakness, i
    hear broken records repeating on and on like a carousel
    my god, i feel as if there is no escape, no way to break free of my
    own carousel, stuck riding along watching my
    broken, misguided life. i stare as another friend breaks down and

    i cannot help her
    only watch as it all fades away, i
    feel nothing, no sense of pity, or anger, it is as if
    the nerves in my brain are shutting down
    desperate to save some semblance of sanity
    grasping at anything to pull me back up.
    truth is... i don't want it to