• of all the christmas presents,
    wrapped underneath your tree.
    i hope the first one you unwrap,
    would totally be me.

    of all the christmas wishes,
    that come straight from your heart.
    the ones you wish that santa claus,
    would make a work of art.

    of all the christmas children,
    that cannot wait till morn.
    and cannot wait for gift wrap,
    to be ripped and torn.

    of all the christmas's i've had,
    right underneith that tree.
    my favorite christmas evening,
    was the one with you and me.

    and of all those happy holidays,
    feel bad for sometimes there.
    are people who cannot afford,
    a christmas filled with love and care.

    and every christmas presents,
    and every little toy.
    for all those little christmas prayers,
    from all those girls and boys.

    and know that the best presents,
    aren't wrapped up in a box.
    the ones that are all from your hearts,
    are the ones that rock.

    for every magic christmas,
    and try to stop and stare.
    cause every lit up christmas tree,
    brings christmas magic...everywhere.