• The plain covers the world like a blanket. The war, taking place everywhere and nowhere in time, consumes the world in fire. Blood follows the steps of the boots, black and glittering in the red light of the moon. The huntress has been watching, for the Sun god would never have allowed such slaughter. The light that announces his arrival would have chased away the demons, forcing them into hiding, but light has abandoned them on this night. The rust spreads over the rotting, black field. Their weapons are no good to them now, as they look upon such a malicious sight.

    “The human spirit is in flames on this battlefield, and you tremble!? Never tremble, though you are afraid for your lives. Never show your fear, though your instincts tell you to turn and run. You are what is left of these people. The corpses you see before you, with gaping eyes and lost souls, are your brothers and sisters. Fight for them and never lose the light in your eyes, for it will scare away even the most deadly beasts.”

    They tremble for they are weak at night, with no guidance.

    The men stare, fear showing in their eyes. Yes, the light has abandoned them on this night. They tremble. The words that flow into their ears like divine light would have touched the humanity in them, if there were any left.

    They tremble for they are lost in the dark, crying for the light.

    Ares, the curse upon humanity, strides forward with a steady blood-filled gaze that burns into the hearts of humans and blackens their minds. Enyo smiles beside her uncle, freezing blood with her icy gaze. He looks upon her with approval, as a father would a daughter who has accomplished something he finds impressive. The two walk over the dead, their feet burning into the decaying flesh.

    They tremble for they are afraid of death, and they are faced with it.

    “Humans are neither weak, nor lost, nor should they fear death. Death allows more to live. And more will fight to take away that life for more to live. These poor things are no more fit to live than any other disgusting creature of this planet. They should all be destroyed so that we, the gods, may live in peace on this earth that you have wasted.”

    But as Ares rose to sink his sword into them, light broke over the horizon in a brilliant blast. Golden rays shone, chasing the battlefield away to reveal the truth. Apollo has returned.

    “True, that some humans are mindless, fighting for the benefit of themselves. There are others who have hope in a brighter future. You have no right to take the lives of any man, just as they have no right to take the lives of their own families. Now go, you coward! Flee to the safety of the dark, and do not return as long as Enlightenment touches young minds and Peace holds the land in its gentle clutches. I am the guardian of the morning, and you are nothing more than a fleeting memory of the night.”