• I guess it hard to explain.
    about the girl deep inside.
    The one who is filled with noting.
    Not even some sort of pride.
    Filled with sorrow and no joy.
    All she thinks she has ever done
    Seems to only destroy.
    The pain she has made
    Had caused her to believe
    There nothing worth living for
    That she should just sleep
    She wake each morning dreading the day
    Hoping one day
    She will fade away.
    But life is going nowhere
    For this poor insecure girl.
    About ready to give up.
    On this god awful world.
    Her fears hold her from progressing
    to the women she is suppose to be.
    I just wanted to come out and say this.
    But that girl is me...
    I cant figure my words
    Or even what I think.
    I want to move on
    From the pain I brought myself
    But yet all i do
    Is place my self upon a shelf.
    I struggle to be happy
    And yet i can not find.
    A way to leave this broken girl behind.
    So say a pray for this sad little girl
    One that she will grow up today
    Before the day begins
    to slowly drift away.