• My pain lies not within me--
    It's wraped around me,
    Strangling, squeezing, choking
    The life out of me.

    I feel a rage that's not my own,
    A lust for revenge not born within me.
    My emotions I find are not mine,
    But a burning passion that poses as a trap.

    Inside me lies inability,
    I'm unable to do
    What I was born able to.
    Lies wraped around me...

    Locked up by an anger not my own,
    Suffocated by an outside pain,
    Drowning in the innevitable,
    Blinded to the optional.

    I have every right to feel this way
    After the hurt I've felt.
    This anger is justice,
    I harbor the bitterness.

    I have no choice.
    I must follow my rage.
    Or do I have a choice?
    Can I calm my feelings?

    This isn't me.
    The anger is a trap
    Set to ensnare me.

    If the pain is mine,
    Why is it on the outside?
    This is what they want me to feel.
    This is my path to destruction.

    I've been betrayed...
    My trust has been broken...
    But if it was ever truly there,
    Then it can be again.

    If it hurts so much,
    Why won't I heal it?
    Instead I've been burying relationships
    Under Satan's rage.

    That's the one--
    He told me that lie.
    He hurt me.
    He made me angery.

    He turned my friends against me--
    But why?
    Why would he bother?
    Because he's afraid.

    Afraid because God has given me a key,
    A key to take off these chains of hate,
    Open the door of this cage of lies,
    And if I take off this blindfold...

    My bitterness is what blinds me.
    I take it off and see...
    The key is forgiveness.
    I've had the option all along.

    I free others from my grudge
    With the same motion
    As I free myself from death.
    But not a physical death...

    Unforgiveness would've been my downfall,
    A spiritual death as I'm judged by my sin.
    But now all that is behind me,
    Now I only seek to forgive.