• Do you hear the sound of my heart beating?
    its beating only for you and your kind greeting

    This sound that is beating fast
    is only for you so you better hurry fast

    i won't last much longer my love
    so hurry fast and bring that dove

    For you my heart beats and sounds the way it is suppose to
    your starting to leave me out in the blue

    Please say you'll stay with me
    enwine your faith and destiny

    You walk out that door and you say goodbye
    Please dont leave me and fly

    I gave you my heart and my love and everything
    you took me under your wing...

    i trusted you and gave every part of me
    how can you just leav me and take that key

    the key to my heart i gave you so long ago
    but now you leave me alone in this cold white dreadful snow

    im alone now.....
    with no one allowed...