• Let’s Write A Poem!
    But I Can’t Seem To Find
    The Proper Topic For
    This Poem Of Mine

    I Suck At Writing
    And I Suck At Art
    I Suck At Rhyming
    I’m Just A Big Fart

    I’m Immature and Uncanny
    Personality Wise
    I Scatter My Head
    With Fibs and Lies

    I’m Getting Off The Subject
    Now Where Was I?
    Oh Yes! Finding A Topic
    Hey I Want Some Pie!

    Now Back To Business
    This Is Terribly Written
    People May Read This and Say,
    “She’s Gotta Be Shittin’!”

    Pardon My French
    I Really Can’t Help That
    Outta The Question
    Let’s Get Back To This, Stat!

    … Know What?
    I’m Too Danm Lazy To Finish This.
    Enjoy It and Comment.
    God! I Have To Piss…

    Excuse Me… Where are the Facilities?