• The icy breath of the cold winter's wind
    nips against the little one's nose,
    brightening her pale face. She stands
    there in the snow watching for her

    love to return. In her mind she knows
    he won't return only a simple letter
    will be in his place. Yet she stands in
    her place wishing he'd come home.

    Her face numb and then a man comes.
    He's tall and broad-shouldered. His hair is
    coal against his pal skin. His lips red, a pale red
    cold from walking in the snow.

    It's him her mind screams forcing her frozen
    limbs to move. The male looks up, his eyes a pale
    green glow with warmth and love. He drops his bags
    and swings the blonde beauty around in his arms.

    Never knowing what grew deep in her womb.
    Down from their high they find time in eachother,
    the male sees a difference in his lover.
    Her grey eyes are bluer and the blonde of her hair

    seems golden. Her lashes fan her cheeks causing
    shadows to fall upon them. Then he catched the look. Pure joy
    in his eyes. His beauty has given him the one thing he needed
    to live on.

    John stand silent in a dark suit. His hair is neat, his eyes solemn.
    The babe in his arms crys out an agonized sound.
    They lower the casket of his beauty behold never to see
    her shining gold. It is the babe in his arms. She has grey eyes

    like his lover's own. A single tear trails down his cheek plopping
    on the spring grass his lover's favorite season.
    Yet a sound reaches his ear, a sweet jingle of bell's. Laughter from
    behind him. But, it's on a child laughing at her sibling's side

    Yet she looks upon him with light grey eyes and shinning gold