• My love once was, a beautiful child
    Her smile tame, her eyes wild,
    A pale complexion, as white as lace,
    Her smile never, left her face.
    My love for her etched to my heart,
    Her name, a memory I can’t remember,
    Yet I can still see her haunting face,
    From that chilly night in December.

    My love once was, my dearest friend
    We played from dawn, till the day’s end,
    When the moon rose, from her place in the sky,
    Our laughter, our time together had no choice but die,
    As I went to my home and she went to hers.
    That was a pain, to my heart’s dying ember,
    But I would have rather had that,
    Then that chilly night in December.

    My love once was, alive and breathing,
    So rational, so loving, even if she was seething,
    Yet I didn’t see, the pain she had hidden,
    I didn’t know, that our love was forbidden.
    She had died, because of me,
    Died because, I was to blind to see.
    It’s now a year later, in late November,
    Now it's my turn to reenact that chilly night in December.