• they expects nothing from me
    i have talent
    but they don't even care
    becuase its nothing special
    they don't praise me
    or encourage me
    even for a little thing
    so the only thing thats easy for me
    is to be alone
    expects me to do things they know i can do
    they would want something from me
    only if its really amazing
    its like they only like to be the popular
    they care for themselves to show off
    if they do that i do the same
    caring for myself
    but i won't ask for things i don't need
    they ask me why i don't talk much
    becuase there's nothing really nothing to talk about
    except for things that matter to me
    but they don't care about me like that
    when i do
    they act like that it doesn't matter
    i'm not really confortable with that
    but its nice when they care
    when i cry or act strange
    but they don't do much because
    they don't know much about me
    so i just live what i got
    have what i have
    and accept what i have to live with
    because there's nothing i want is here right now